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About Us

Jesler Morales is founder and co-owner of Allstar Pro Painting, LLC.  He has over 17 years of experience in the Painting Industry.  Before he founded Allstar Pro Painting, LLC he worked for some of the largest commercial and residential painting companies in Arizona.  He understands the importance of quality work and customer service.  With so many years of experience and having been taught from such a young age the painting trade,  Jesler understands what it takes to complete each job on time while maintaining high quality workmanship, and the importance of customer satisfaction.  He has the ability and gift to work with customers, and the ability to train company workers in the trade to help produce the best painting technicians you will find in the industry.
Travis Tenney is co-owner and the qualified party for Allstar Pro Painting, LLC.  He has over 20 years of experience in the Construction Industry in Arizona.  He holds both a Small Commercial Generals License and a General Residential License with the State of Arizona’s Registrar of Contractors.  He has owned and operated several of his own businesses since 1994.  He currently owns and operates Investors Image Contractors which adds to Allstar Pro Paintings, LLC ability to take care of, and handle any wood repairs, wood replacement, carpentry work, stucco, or any other construction work requested when bidding projects.
Jesler and Travis have combined their experience, resources, and vision to create the best painting company in Arizona.  They are both active owners who care about building lifelong relationships with their customers.  They are both dedicated to providing each of their customers with an Allstar Experience and with an Allstar Professional Paint job.