Paint Color Trends – Spring 2020

As 2017 ends, let’s talk about the trends for the next year. The Pantone Color Institute – a benchmark in announcing color trends for a variety of areas – unveiled paint color trends for ambiance decoration for the year 2018. We separate some of that trends with indoor application examples and also tips!

Pink highlights

Paint Color Trends Spring 2020

First of all, pink has been losing gender and being increasingly used in different areas. The Pantone Color Institute’s executive director, Leatrice Eisman said: “Pink has developed more power than ever before”. This palette is full of pastels tones, highlighting the pink throughout its chromatic scale.

Nature’s green and Tech green

Paint Color Trends Spring 2018

Inspired by nature, this palette’s all about health and well-being. Forest colors are the base of the palette, with yellow and purple completing it. The center of attention is green and the tones can range from pastels to vibrant. Tech Green is another trend, mixing this palette with black or metallic tones.

Black as neutral color

Paint Color Trends Spring 2018

Shades of black, gray and brown form this palette, which could be taken as neutrals color, being alone or complementing any other palette. In 2020 we will see the black as a paint color trends! Because inserted not only on the walls but also in the painting of furniture, floors and chandeliers will have many appearances.

Shades of blue conveying comfort

Paint Color Trends Spring 2020

Comfort is the keyword for 2020. If you seek an environment that brings peace and calm, disconnect yourself and opt for serene shades of blue. If the goal is a lively and cheerful environment, opt for vibrant and glowing tones of these hottest paint color trends.

Metallic shades to brighten

In 2020, metallics are no longer dramatic colors, having importance in compositions. Just like we saw in black, metallic tones will be considered neutral and used to give brightness and life to environments. In addition, silver and gold are the most recommended colors for making an appearance with other palettes and color schemes.

Another area that metallics are becoming popular in is flooring. There are a number of different flooring options to consider like tile, wood, laminates and even concrete coatings like epoxy and acid stained.

With these tips, it’ll be much easier to decorate your environment with the paint colors trends for 2020, without losing the style itself that each of us carries – individuality will give brightness and life to the suggested tones. Send us on Instagram using the hashtag #allstarpropainting how you’ve decorated your home!

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