Living room ideas

Just as there are different layouts of residences, there are different owners. If we take into account two identical houses – with the same plant – and two different owners, we will probably have different decorations and colors in these two environments. To bring some inspirations of decoration for living rooms, we prepared this post with 7 living room ideas and colors you should know before painting one:

All clean and neutral


Whether it’s large or small, the color white will aid in the lighting of your living room. Take into consideration not the size, but rather the indication of light sunlight for the use of white. If there is sunlight for much of the year, white will reflect and reinforce this illumination. If you are in a cold region, the white can leave the walls cooler. In this case, try to bet on warm-colored objects in the décor or even warm-colored walls.

Straw yellow


Yellow is a color that brings us to the sun, energy, joy, heat! Environments painted with yellow gain dynamism and optimism. But there must be caution: too much yellow can provoke unpleasant and aggressive sensations. For this not to happen, opt for soft tones of yellow throughout the room or for a single wall of a vivid yellow tone.

Serenes shades of blue


Environments painted in blue usually bring relaxation and safety. Often seen as a masculine color, blue is actually a unisex color. Take care not to overdo it and create too cold space. Using serene shades of blue is one of the great living room ideas to seek for smoothness and harmony.

Warm tones


The warm tones bring to the environment heat and intensity as well as energy and vitality. Taking a walk through red, yellow and orange you can make your living room more sociable. Again, beware of the hype, as colors like these can cause irritability and acceleration. Try to use strong tones of these colors if the goal is to bring warmth.

Tech green


The green color is usually associated with health and well-being. With the option of bringing nature into your living room, green is a refreshing and youthful color. As we see in the post Colors for 2020, the new trend is the Tech Green: Mix the most vivid shades of green with black, metallic, gold or colors that refer to technology.

Black as neutral


Another trend for 2018 is that black is seen as a neutral color. Punctual in their appearances, one must seek the refinement, elegance, and exclusivity that this color transmits. Attention, a very black environment can be depressing. One great quality is that black can be inserted with almost any color.

Burnt cement texture


This burnt cement texture can bring sophistication to your living room. Very easy to create, it must be used preferably in a place with a good indication of light. Certain shades of gray convey the warmth and feeling of work done to the environment.

Before choosing the color you will paint the walls of your environment, look for a qualified professional. This professional will have many living room ideas and will assist in the best options according to the luminosity and climate. Remember that color is not only decorative, it is a determining factor for you to feel good in your own home.

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