Interior Color Study

One of the most powerful and instantaneous effects of changing the energy of the house is the fresh ink coverage of all environments. But before painting, an interior color study should be done, aiming to provide a different feeling in each part of the house.

We can not think of sensations without talking about the psychology of colors. Coupled with the desire of the owner, the psychology of colors presented by a qualified professional will aid in the mission of bringing different sensations in each part.

Living Room


First of all, you must create a relationship between the environment and how long you will like to remain in it (or that other people remain in it). The living room is usually the first location of many homes and one of the most time-consuming.

According to the psychology of colors, it is recommended that in the living room you will find shades that brings calm. Choose colors that allow relaxation, such as lavender, straw, white/ice, serene shades of blue, yellow or green.

If the living room is attached to the dining room, you must use intense colors on one of the walls, which stimulate the appetite. Ex: red, orange and yellow. If you are looking for a technological refinement, opt for shades of green, black or metallic.



The recommended for the kitchen is to use vibrant tones, which stimulate the metabolism and cause us energy. Colors that fit: Yellow gold, orange, intense green, red.



Home offices should have much the personality of the owner. Case search for calm tones, choose gray, straw or white. If you opt for intense tones, the suggestion is to use a color that causes relaxation and also provokes production. Choose tones of blue or lilac in one of the walls.



Many people choose shades of blue in the bathroom to soothe, remit to the water, cleanse and purify. Textures are also recommended in this environment to maintain warmth.



Tranquility, well-being, comfort. For the rooms are recommended colors that bring these feelings, such as blue, straw, green and lavender.

For children in different phases of life, different colors. Opt for a wall with intense tones and bring heat: pink, red, blue and yellow.

In conclusion, each color brings each sensation. Show us on Instagram the learning that led from our interior color study post to your residence! Just send us using the #allstarpropainting hashtag.

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