How to texture drywall – Simple Guide

A great option at low cost, the Drywall consists of gypsum wall constructions, bolted into galvanized steel frame structures. This system is widely used today because it adapts to any environment and reduces delivery time. Its only defect is the visual since it is smooth and without color. Many people seek to paint or create a unique texture to give life to the Drywall. For this reason, we will teach in this simple guide How to Texture Drywall:

First of all, you should realize that there are different masses of different textures. Choose before which texture you would like to apply and from there learn how to texture drywall. Remember also that there are several methods with different materials used, from amateurs to professionals.

1) Preparing Drywall

Using sandpaper or specialized material, sand the entire drywall structure with a care that residues can reach the eyes. Wipe with a damp cloth to remove any particles of sand that remain in the structure. Make sure the drywall is completely clean and ready to receive the texturing.

2) Orange Peel


To create this texture is used a gun and air compressor hopper, which you can easily acquire in specialized stores. The first step is to adjust the size of the nozzle at the time of the dough to be applied. Remember that the smaller the mouth, the thinner the texture layer. Mix the textured mass with water to form a homogeneous liquid and then insert into the air compressor.

Apply textured dough from a safe distance, respecting the thickness you want and preferably make continuous movements straight from the bottom up. While the dough is dry, you can finish the texture with a spatula or paint roller.

Wait for the dough to dry, apply a primer and then apply the paint on top.

3) Knockdown Texture


Using a paint roller, a texture roller or a wide brush, all you need to do after preparing the drywall is to apply the dough with one of these materials. Remember that each one will form a different texture drawing.

With paint roller, apply the dough vertically or horizontally and after finishing, pass the roller back in the opposite direction. By using the texture brush, apply the dough to the brush and stamp the wall several times until you complete the desired area. With the brush of wide width, the indicated is to apply the texture horizontally and then create a half-moon shape lying down.


Finish the texture with a taping knife, wait for it to dry, apply a sealant and your texture will be ready to receive the paint.

Tip: Before applying any of the textures, do a test on a piece of wood to see if the chosen technique stays the way you wanted it to.

Hire a Professional for Drywall Texture

While these techniques show the basics of texturing drywall,  the process can be complicated. Improper application can lead to costly repair and replacement.  To insure your drywall texture is applied correctly, call the experts at Allstar Pro Painting.  We provide professional and affordable drywall texturing services throughout the greater Phoenix, AZ area.  Call today for a quote!

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